C6 Day Backpack review

C6 side zip

You might not have heard of C6 yet but, if you watch Dragon’s Den or keep your finger firmly on the fashion industry’s pulse, will be aware of The Idle Man. I’ve been living with the gadgety-friendly C6 Day Backpack which is available now from the online men’s fashion retailer. C6 are putting themselves forward […]

Stretchy electronics makes wearables more wearable

printed electrodes

Wearables are soon to get even more wearable thanks to a clever printing process that slings conductive material on to clothing. Researchers at the University of Tokyo have created a single-step process which is able to print conductive material on to cloth. This new process will allow manufacturers to build stretchable wearables that can test […]

Rollei launches a new batch of selfie sticks

rollei 4 style

Iconic German camera brand Rollei is ignoring the bans and has released a brand new range of Selfie Sticks. The Selfie Stick craze may be finding fewer places where they are allowed, Wimbledon being the latest venue to impose a stick ban, but Rollei is proud to announce a new raft of products which have […]

BassBuds earphones review – all show and no go?

bassbud classic blue

Shoving the sound source in to my ear is not my ideal but this is what I do for you gadgety faithful. I have been sent some rather bling BassBuds to test. Not the gold ones – could you imagine me wearing gold earbuds?. I much prefer on-ear or over-ear headphones for enjoying some personal […]

BassBuds 24 carat gold collection wins gift accolade

BassBuds Gold

If you like a bit of bling then you’ll be happy to hear that BassBuds luxury gold in-ear headphones was selected as a ‘highly commended’ product by the judges in this important industry review. These limited edition 24 carat gold set of ear pleasers are the newest luxury item to be added to the BassBuds […]

Selk’bag unleash Marvel wearable sleeping bag range

marvel sleeping bag costumes

You may be familiar with the wearable sleeping bag-cum-onesie by Selk’bag. Even if you’re not, prepare to want one as they’ve got some new awesome Marvel superhero ones! I thought that wearable sleeping bags was as good as it gets for camping or just keeping warm whilst watching a whole boxset and eating chocolate but, […]