Apple packing in the pixels – 4K iMac and Retina Display MBA

imac and air

October will not only see the full release of OS X Yosemite, but also of a 4K iMac desktop and 12in Retina display MacBook Air according to the latest reports. The news that Yosemite will be available for download free-of-charge towards the end of October comes via 9to5Mac and they add that there’ll be a [...]

ADATA launch their XPG-V3 3100Mhz overclocked RAM kits

XPG V3 heat fins

I’ve just received an interesting email from memory specialist ADATA informing me of their new series of DDR3 memory modules named XPG-V3 and the clock speeds go all the way up to 3100MHz! The XPG-V3 memory is built to be super speedy and very durable and aimed at PC overclockers. The new kit is compatible [...]

PC vs Console – the never ending war

console vs pc

With a number of new consoles on the market such as the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4, gamers will no doubt be wondering whether it’s worth the investment. Having grown up with everything from a SuperNes to Sega Saturn I have a good understanding of the console eco system. While consoles have come and [...]

Roccat Savo mech lapboard cuts in place of absent Steam Controller


Steam has a tricky job on its hands. Somehow it has to convince long-serving PC gamers to use the Steam Controller in place of the usual mouse and keyboard combo. Has Roccat got the answer with the Savo? You see, PC gamers have been brought up on WASD – the common keys for up, left, [...]

Alienware Alpha Steam Machine gaming PC revealed

alienware alpha steam machine

Alienware has just unveiled its entry in the living room-based Steam Machine lineup. The Alienware Alpha gaming console is a gaming PC designed to bring your favourite Steam games into the living room — we’ll just ignore the fact that neither SteamOS nor the Steam Controller is ready yet. The Alienware Alpha kicks off at [...]

Asus Republic of Gamers 27-inch monitor official specs – ROG Swift


Asus has finally dished the dirt on what many gamers have been waiting for. All hail the arrival of the ROG Swift PG278Q gaming monitor. The ROG Swift PG278Q is a stunning premium 27-inch gaming monitor that is the first and fastest in the world to support NVIDIA G-SYNC technology for stunning smoothness, and crisp [...]