Razer and Lenovo join forces for special gaming PC range

Hot news from the world of PC hardware – the world’s biggest PC manufacturer and one of the platform’s most successful gaming specialists have teamed up to produce a new line of gaming machines. The first range of products from the collaboration between Lenovo and Razer will be the Razer Edition Lenovo PCs. These will […]

Edifier 5.1 multimedia speaker review – S760D

As a PC gamer, I remember when having a 5.1 speaker system was almost a prerequisite. These days, especially since moving to London, compact has been my way forward. Have a stereo speaker set up going through a DAC and amp and some great headphones when I don’t want to disturb my other half. Edifier […]

AOC launches friendly-priced 24-inch 4K monitor

We all know that size isn’t important, right? Well, 24-inch monitors might not get the gasp inducing welcome that larger ones get but that’s not to say the 24-incher is going to be short of smarts either. AOC proudly introduce its new U2477PWQ 4K monitor in order to prove this point. The display in the […]

Customisable Maingear Drift Steam Machine announced

Looking for a Steam Machine that’s packing everything you could possibly want, including a custom automotive paint finish? You need to check out the Maingear Drift. Following on from the release of a range of Steam Machines, the SteamOS-based PC game consoles designed for the living room, Maingear has showed their version of the compact […]

Steam Machines, controllers and Steam Link UK priced and released

The moment that many of you have been waiting for – the highly anticipated Valve Steam Machines have started to be made available to buy! Valve has just announced that they have a range of hardware now available – their new Steam Controller, the Valve Steam Link and of course the Valve Steam Machines. Just […]

Philips Moda LCD AmbiGlow Plus monitor announced

Philips has just unveiled their new 27-inch Moda computer monitor which comes loaded with Phillips AmbiGlow Plus mood lighting technology. The Philips 275C5QHGSW Moda LCD display features Ambiglow Plus technology that provides users with a more immersive viewing experience, offering a lighting system that synchronises with the displayed imagery. Granted, there may be fancier looking […]