DeepCool Steam Castle mITX / mATX PC case – good, bad or ugly?

steam castle angle

Now that I have a new rig I have recently been looking in to building a smaller PC for my girlfriend as she has inherited my old machine, most of which is 5+ years old. It still runs, but it’s noisy and getting a bit slow. Not only that, but it’s in a large Antec [...]

LG 24GM77 gaming monitor 144Hz and less than 1ms refresh

lg 24gm77

Wandering around LG’s area at IFA 2014 I stumbled across the company’s 24GM77 gaming monitor. Could this be an alternative to the ¬£700 Asus PG278Q? The 24GM77 has been designed specifically for gaming, and features a fast 144Hz refresh rate from its TN Film panel and, according to the little info sheet next to it, [...]

Two-tone MSI Z97 SLI Krait edition pops up black and white

msi z97 sli Krait

Red and black, or black and red, appears to be de rigueur in the PC building community. Now, I’m not sure if that’s through personal choice or the fact that Asus ROG, MSI, Gigabyte and all their fellows are churning out black and red motherboards and other tech bits to slam in your new rig. [...]

Roccat flashes Skeltr mobile second screen keyboard and Nyth modular mouse

Roccat Skeltr gaming keybaord

Roccat has announced its Nyth modular gaming mouse and Skeltr keyboard/smartphone combo. Both are supposed to the be the first of their kind, the question is what makes them fit for such a bold claim? Roccat this week unveiled a new gaming keyboard called the Roccat Skeltr. Not much news there. Companies regularly release new [...]

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 880 coming this autumn


Whilst I am still very happy with my GTX 780 (Zotac GTX 780 AMP! who’s boost clock goes to 1176 out of the box) graphics card, the news that the GTX 880 series is due to make an appearance very soon will no doubt start a ripple of nerdgasms amongst the PC-building community. Gigabyte Technology [...]

Lian Li PC-V2130 aluminium full tower PC case – so huge it has wheels

v2130 window

Lian-Li definitely know their way around top notch aluminium PC chassis and their newly announced PC-V2130 is one brushed aluminium full tower of features. Lian-Li first outed this case over a year ago at Computex 2013 but has it been worth the wait? The PC-V2130 takes over from where the popular PC-V2120 left off and [...]