Corsair Bulldog – just what is it? [video]

corsair bulldog email

This morning I got a rather cryptic email from Corsair informing me that Bulldog is coming. But, what is Bulldog? In just over two days Corsair will officially launch Bulldog – the thing is, I have absolutely no clue what the Corsair Bulldog is. This has naturally sent the PC gamer forums in to speculation […]

RAM price drop means bargain PC memory upgrades

jays blue striker RAM

Owing to a decline in demand for PCs and tablets the cost of RAM has followed suit so, if you’re considering an upgrade, now may well be a good time. According to reports, DRAM prices are the lowest in about 26 months. Over the second quarter of 2015 the price of DRAM has dropped by […]

Steam Machine price list live – starts small, gets silly

steam machine

Following on from Zotac’s unveiling of their SN970 Steam Machine, Valve has come clean on how much their foray in to the living room will cost users. Bringing PC gaming in to the family room will cost as little as $460 (£302), which isn’t bad as most PC gamers will testify getting a half-near decent […]

Zotac SN970 – the first Steam Machine

zota sn970 steam machine

Valve continue their assault on living rooms, as well as virtual reality, and following their recent announcement that the first series of third-party Steam Machine PCs would arrive this November, Zotac have unveiled their SN970 Steam Machine. Zotac is one of over a dozen manufacturers who are currently cobbling together family room-friendly gaming computers which […]

Raspberry Pi 2 announced – free Windows 10 and Snappy Ubuntu Core

Raspberry Pi 2

Did you ever think that a time would come when you could by a Windows PC running the latest operating system for under £25? Well, with the new Raspberry Pi 2, you can. Microsoft is getting behind the latest Pi which has been announced today. The Raspberry Pi Foundation’s low-cost DIY computer has become a […]

Nvidia targets League of Legends players and Dota 2 with a new graphics card


With the rise in popularity of multiplayer online battle arena games like Dota 2 and League of Legends hasn’t escaped the notice of Nvidia. The latest graphics card from the company comes for those gamers that have the love of such games in mind. The GTX 960 is the newest member of Nvidia’s latest 900 […]