Titanfall Mad Catz RAT 3 gaming mouse looks the business

titanfall rat mouse

Now, I’m not usually one to dig game themed accessories but this Titanfall mouse looks pretty neat. If you’ve been hiding under a rock without a data hook-up you may not be aware that Titanfall is a game that has captured the imagination of many gamers, especially those with Xbox One consoles. The game features [...]

Raspberry ZX-Pi hack breathes new life in to ZX81

zx-pi computer

I know a few of you have managed to keep your classic Sinclair machines in a cupboard. Now it’s time to dust them off and put them to use thanks to the addition of the Raspberry Pi. There has already been a ZX Spectrum emulator running on the Raspberry Pi but this ZX-Pi looks pretty [...]

Origin Chronos small form gaming desktops pack a huge punch

origin chronos monster

It’s getting to that time, every few years I look to upgrade or renew my PC. I’ve had gaming laptops before, but my computer for the last few years has been a big ol’ desktop built from what I could get from friends who upgrade more often than I. Now I’m looking for some new [...]

Lian-Li DK01 combines your desk and your PC

Lian-Li DK01 overhead

I recently received and email from PC case maker, Lian-Li, and amongst the usual towers sat what to look like a school desk. “Has Lian-Li gone in to making furniture for the education market?” thought I. Nope, it’s the DK01 desk/PC combo. Lian-Li has unveiled a new DK01 concept PC case they have developed which [...]

Phase One offers UK PCs carved from a single block of aluminium

phase one core side

Phase One are a UK startup that are looking to change the PC industry – the company is focusing on delivering high end custom PCs with a focus on design and being environmentally friendly without sacrificing performance. Phase One are very proud of their work with all the computers which are all “machined and built [...]

Sony selling off VAIO computer arm


Sony has decided to call time on its VAIO PC business, and has announced that it is selling the entire division to Japan Industrial Partners (JIP). During the announcement of its financial results, Sony explained that a drop in demand, and its strong belief in the future of Sony’s TV division, has motivated the sale [...]