First shots of reversible USB 3.1 Type C cable and port seen in the wild

USB 3.1 connector

It’s something that has confused and perplexed computer owners for years – why does it usually take three or more attempts to fit your USB lead in to the port on your machine? This cable twisting confusion may well be a thing of the past fairly soon as the reversible USB 3.1 Type C has [...]

So much tech hidden in Teague and Sizemore’s Denny bike

tteague and sizemore dennyeague and sizemore denny

This gloriously simple looking bicycle is one of the entrants to Oregon Manifest’s competition which has pitted teams of designers and bike builders from five American cities. The Denny, representing Seattle, is the brainchild of design firm Teague and bike fabricator Taylor Sizemore and hides a multitude of tech amongst its understated frame. Looking at [...]

Sharp develops Free-Form IGZO display – can be any shape you want it

sharp protype display

Sharp has just introduced the Free-Form Display, a new technology that will allow device makers to create gadgets without being restricted to those typical square and rectangular form factors. Sharp’s latest creation will mean that smartwatches can be curved and fit more naturally on the wearer’s wrist, phones could become banana-shaped and digital dashboards can [...]

Magne-hinge glasses offers spec wearers magnetic customisation

Magne-hinge glasses by Nendo

As a long-time spectacle wearer (I just need glasses for driving, cinema and seeing things) I am happy to see some new tech being brought to us non-hipster spec wearers. These groovy glasses swap the usual screws in their hinges for magnets which means instant customisation and repairs – as well as removing those awkward [...]

HP Z workstations push the limits of CGI and video editing software


HP’s Z workstations have been designed to meet the demands of design and media professionals who may be working with intricate 3D models, complex datasets, video editing and photography. The Z workstations set the “standard for innovation, performance, and reliability” according to HP, and are used in areas such as media, entertainment, engineering, architecture and [...]

Printrbot Simple – GadgetyNews at The Gadget Show Live


If you’re looking around for 3D printers that are not way expensive and open source friendly then you should check out the Printrbot Simple Kit. Whilst at The Gadget Show Live I found this Printrbot Simple kit selling for just £300. Yes, it’s a kit and will need you to assemble the laser cut wooden [...]