Paxis backpack keeps your gadgets to hand

Backpacks are a necessity when hiking and camping but whenever you need to grab something quickly you have to take it off, undo at least some zips, and then get what you want. And then, you have to do it all again in reverse. No longer, thanks to Paxis. Paxis has designed a new backpack […]

Bouroullec brothers design gorgeous new Samsung Serif TV

Televisions, no matter how slick the technology, still remains an awkward bit of furniture whose purpose out-ranks how it looks. As with any sweeping generalisation, there are exceptions to this but the fact remains that you rarely buy a telly on the strength of how it looks. Perhaps the renowned designers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec […]

Auca luggage makes the perfect band merch table

Travelling generally means that you have to make certain choices – what are you going to take? How many sets of clothes? Do you bring your laptop as well as your tablet and phone? If you’re travelling on business then finding somewhere to catch up with work in between destinations is another thing you have […]

Google launches stylish OnHub router

Routers generally are either meh or WTF when it comes to looks. You either want to hide them or want them in plain sight so you can keep an eye on them just in case they decide to wreak havoc. The new one from Google, however, is almost pretty. This new addition from Google is […]

4 new gadgets to aid the creative mind

New technology and great gadgetry is often aimed at the world of geeks or security fanatics – the type of people regular folk don’t understand, or who stay locked in their Fort Knox-like homes wearing tin-foil hats. But rarely do gadgets for the more creative end of the spectrum get the promotion they deserve. But […]

Apple Watch wins iF Design Gold Award – not even launched yet

The Apple Watch is expected to launch in April with Apple holding a press event for their new smartwatch Monday, March 9th, but this hasn’t prevented it from winning an award already. I suppose a design can win a prestigious award even before it has been tested in real life by the target user group. […]