Boost Band – Power your phone from your wrist


Having the thinnest phone or tablet in the world is all very good but that usually means a skinny battery, which also points to having to carry around a clunky external battery pack of some descript. Until, perhaps, now. Enter the Boost Band. A not particularly sexy looking device, but it does have a singular […]

Samsung Galaxy S7 Fold – could bendy be the new edge?

Galaxy S7 fold

Could the next flagship smartphone from Samsung bring the clam shell back, albeit through bendy, flexible AMOLED? If the uptake of the newest, and most expensive Samsung smartphone offering is good enough to prove that the consumer is looking for something different then it could pave the way for a Galaxy S7 with a folding […]

Portal – the flexible wearable smartphone

portal flexible phone

A lot of us look back at the days when you could accidentally drop your mobile phone without having to then replace its screen and other parts. Ah, Nokia 1310. With all the hullabaloo surrounding the iPhone 6 Plus and #bendgate, how about a phone that’s designed to bend and flex? How about the wearable […]

Nixie – the wearable flying selfie drone

nixie selfie

Have you ever found yourself in a position where you found yourself in a position that would make *the* best photo opportunity but either had no one to snap the moment for you or your arms just aren’t long enough to get the full frame in? If only you had a wearable flying camera drone… […]

HTC One M9 – aluminium, titanium and a sleeker design

HTC One M9 render

I am still loving my HTC One and the follow-up, the M8, has seen even more people I know migrate from Apple to HTC. Even though it has only been 6 months since the release of the HTC One (M8), there are already plenty of hopeful designs and specs out there for the HTC One […]

5G wireless internet coming to the UK – hologram calls?


As with all things tech, now that we have 4G internet rolling out across the UK, it’s time to start hankering over 5G. So, when will we see even faster over-the-air internets? It’s not so long since 3G was a wow but 4G is already seen as being a basic human right, in London at […]