Mobile phones fitted with 5000ppi holographic projectors next year

ostendo hologram phone projector

OK then. Who hasn’t been waiting to squirt out a hologram of Princess Leia telling Ben Kenobi that he’s her only hope from their phone? You could well be doing just that next year. That’s right, real actual 3D holograms that float in midair are finally here. Not only that, but the company that’s made [...]

Samsung Simband wearable to encourage third gen monitors

samsung simband

This week Samsung unveiled a new wearable health tracking device called the Simband – nothing to do with the fictional adventurous sailor, that’s Sinbad. This is designed to be worn around your wrist and can take all kinds of readings about your body from a relatively teeny tiny package. At an event in San Francisco [...]

Could this Rolex smartwatch be the ultimate wearable?

irolex moto 360 samsung gear 2

I have had a long love-affair with ‘real’ watches, you know, with real hands, real ticking and real Swiss movement counting the seconds. Where I favour classic Rado watches you cannot deny the image Rolex projects. How about if they made a smartwatch, an iRolex? This Rolex Smartwatch Concept from Curved Labs manages to blend [...]

KEEO Carbon – the Bluetooth enabled multi-key gadget

KEEO Carbon Keyholder

How can carrying your keys become more gadgety? Well, perhaps you should check out the KEEO Carbon keyholder that has recently launched on Kickstarter. The KEEO Carbon has been specifically designed to keep your most important keys safe as well as giving you flick-knife quick access to any key in the set within your KEEO. [...]

Paperfold smartphone unfolds three screens, converts to 3D printer display

paperfold smartphone

Where some are looking in to how to make smartwatches easier to use, others see that more can be done with smartphones and this innovative prototype, the PaperFold shape-changing smartphone, could change the game once more. The clever folks from Canada’s Queen University, Human Media Lab, who brought you the curved-display funkiess of the PaperPhone [...]

LG using its curved OLED panels in stylish lighting

lg oled lamp

LG was one of the first to release a smartphone packing a curved display and now it looks like the tech company is looking where else it can shove its bendy screens. Over at the Light+Building show in Frankfurt, Germany, LG is showing off one of the ideas it has in utilising the curved OLEDS: [...]