Rollei brings a new selfie weapon – the ePano Selfie

Rollei have announced another cool accessory that enables you to capture a 360 degree selfie – the ePano Selfie. The ePano Selfie is a panoramic head that can be attached to the Rollei Selfie Stick, or placed on a table using the fold out legs and will then automagically capture stunning 360 degree panoramic shots. […]

Rollei launches 4K recording Actioncam 500 Sunrise

Following their very capable and keenly priced Actioncam 400 iconic German camera brand, Rollei, has launched the latest in its action camcorder range with the new Actioncam 500 Sunrise. This latest Rollei camcorder captures video at 4K and promises smooth, high resolution video recording at up to 15 frames per second for 4K and up to […]

Lily camera drone – dawn of the throw and shoot camera

We’ve all had point-and-shoot cameras, some of us are happy with smartphone snapping whereas others move on to Micro Four Thirds or full DSLRs. How about throw-and-shoot drones? Well, Lily could be the next evolution of camera. Lily is a new camera drone that aims to shake up not only the drone industry, but the […]

Rollei Actioncam 400 review

You mention action cameras to anyone and, chances are, the name of GoPro will be uttered. The thing is, Rollei have also building action cams for a while now and I’ve had chance to play with their brand new Actioncam 400. The Rollei Actioncam 400 looks very similar to that other camera, but the Rollei […]

GadgetyNews on Mobile Tech Addicts show

Even though I have a face for radio and a voice for mime Gareth of Tracy and Matt fame invited me along to take part in the Mobile Tech Addicts podcast last night. This is almost my second appearance on the show. Almost, because the first time I attempted to join in was plagued by […]

Toshiba Project Ara camera modules revealed

Toshiba has shown off a pair of new camera modules designed to fit in to Google’s modular smartphone, currently named ‘Project Ara’. I’ve been keeping an eye on Project Ara since it was PhoneBloks with the last working prototype reportedly being named Spiral 1. It appears that there are a number of third party manufacturers […]