3D Street Art book and Amazon voucher up for grabs!

Anamorphic Charlie Brown

Recently, social media has been buzzing with incredible street illusions of giant holes opening up in the earth, people walking across glass bridges above sweeping cityscapes or even hands jumping out from the centre of the page. On a more practical level, the markings on roads often appear elongated so the driver can see them [...]

Amazon release Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle Fire HD range – UK Prices

amazon kindle fire hd uk

Amazon stepped up its fight with Apple and unveiled a new set of Kindle Fire tablets including some designed to compete with the iPad. The best news for UK is that they’re heading over here too! In a former airplane hangar in Santa Monica, California, Amazon boss Jeff Bezos unleashed 3 brand-new Kindle’s; ranging from [...]

Amazon makes space for new Kindle

kindle 3g dropped

Could Amazon be following Apple in preparation of a new Kindle? It appears that one model of the Kindle family has been removed from Amazon’s US site – is there a replacement on the way? If you head over to Amazon.com you may notice the distinct lack of availability of their Kindle Touch 3G – [...]

Amazon Kindle Touch and Touch 3G UK Launch Date Officially Released

amazon kindle touch uk release

Amazon has announced that it will be launching the Kindle Touch and Kindle Touch 3G in the UK – only a year after the touchscreen e-book readers appeared in the US. The Kindle Touch was released in September in the States along with the Kindle Fire (another Kindle we have yet to get although an [...]

Wikipedia Replaces Encyclopedia Britannica – Wiki Infographic

wikipedia infographic

You may have heard that the Encyclopedia Britannica has officially announced that it would scrap its print edition due to plummeting sales. You may think it was about time that they handed over to the digital format but there is a smoking gun – and holding that is Wikipedia. True, owning the $1,395 32-volume hardcover [...]

iBooks 2 Reveals iPad 3 High Resolution Retina Display

Apple iPad 3 Retina Display

It certainly looks like iPad 3 will be packing a very high resolution screen. More proof has been spotted thanks to the arrival of the iBooks 2 app. As cool as iBooks 2 is, with its interactive textbooks, the more interesting tidbits are to be had when rifling through the iBooks 2 code. The tell-tale [...]