Unify 4 Life Changes Blackberry Into Universal Remote

Blackberries.  They’re a bit…..business like generally aren’t they? Well, that was my impression until I read about this hardware and software thingy from Canada. This clever stuff will magically change your BlackBerry into a universal remote control for a typical AV set up, your lights, your garage door or anything else that you have remotely controlled!  Unify4Life […]

Marantz IS301 – Wireless iPod / iPhone Dock

You’re looking for an iPod dock but you want one from a respected name in Hi-Fi and you also want it to be wireless. Well, look no further.  Your search could, quite possibly, end here. I’m talking bout the Marantz IS301 Wireless iPod Dock – and, as promised, it’s, well, an iPod dock and it’s wireless. The […]

Fiio E5 Headphone Amp – Drive Your Cans

I know some of you are rocking some pretty impressive audio kit.  With that you’ve proabably got some sweet, sweet headphones for when your partner doesn’t want to hear Jaco Pastorious get experimental or Opeth chugging away. Unfortunately not all media players have the power to make those hefty drivers in your cans really work. Little […]

TouchDiva – Touch Screen Home Juke Box

I’ve been pointed in the direction of this rather natty media device called the TouchDiva. Nope, I’d not heard of it before either – which is worrying as it is supposed to be released in the UK and Europe in a matter of weeks! The specs match the looks with the guts of a B&O […]

HDTV With PC and Blu-Ray Built In – Allio-Allio!

Looking for a true all-in-one media thingy? Say Allo to the Allio HDTV with built-in PC and Blu-ray player! 🙂 No more will you need to multi-task from laptop to tele and back again – this 42-inch 1080p TV has cojoined with a high spec PC that holds an Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 4GB of […]

4th Annual New York Wired Shop Opens

Yup, those know-it-alls at Wired are going to open their fourth annual store from November 21 until December 28 in New Yoik. There will be more than 150 items including the latest electronics, toys and transportation, which can also be purchased online from November 20. The Wired Store will also recognise four different charities, and is set […]