Introducing Headroom – the show dedicated to portable audio

headroom show

Audio retailer Unilet Sound & Vision and its sister company Custom Cable has announced the exciting launch of Headroom Show – a new consumer audio show dedicated to the finest portable audio and digital streaming products available. Headroom will be held at Europe’s premier recording studio complex, Metropolis, in Chiswick, south west London. This was also the […]

Apogee Groove portable laptop DAC

groove dac

Most laptop sound cards just about do their job but if you are looking for something to bring your portable puter’s audio more in line with what you enjoy at home then a mobile DAC should be your first port-of-call. There’s a new portable DAC about to hit the market from Apogee called Groove. The […]

LINDY releases mini headphone amp and splitter to boost your mobile sounds

Lindy Headphone amp

LINDY Electronics, one of Europe’s leading producers of computer and audio-visual products, has announced the release of its Mini Headphone Amplifier and Splitter which has been designed to improve the sound quality and volume of portable music players. If you’re looking to give the audio of your MP3 player, smartphone or tablet a bit of […]

Maiden Audio – Iron Maiden and Onkyo join forces

iron maiden onkyo

As far as I am concerned Iron Maiden needs no introduction but, somehow, you may be unfamiliar with the British heavy metal legends. Well, following on from such endeavours as producing their own Trooper ale, they have joined forces with Onkyo for a new venture called Maiden Audio. Details are still a tad sketchy as […]

Top shelf Pono audio player launches next week


If £950 for Sony’s latest Walkman, the NW-ZX2 is too steep then you may be happy to hear that Neil Young’s Pono player will soon be available for a fraction of the Sony’s asking price. The Pono player managed to raise over $6 million on Kickstarter last year and the device has already shipped out to […]

Sony shows off audiophile Walkman NW-ZX2

Sony NW ZX2

There were plenty of hints that there would be a new Sony Walkman making an appearance at CES 2015 and it turns out that the whispers surrounding the all new Walkman NW-ZX2 were on the money. Where previous holders of the Walkman brand were ‘for the people’ the NW-ZX2 has been designed exclusively with high-end […]