Musical Fidelity M6si integrated amp review


You will probably already be aware of what I think about Musical Fidelity, the thirty-odd year old top-end Hi-Fi firm. You may even have seen the unboxing of the beast. Now, after some quality hours spent with the Musical Fidelity M6si integrated amplifier, it’s time for my thoughts. Let’s go through what the M6si has [...]

Panasonic SH-ALL1C networked audio streamer review

panasonic sh-all1c angle

I have had the chance to live with the networked audio streamer from Panasonic called SH-ALL1C. The SH-ALL1C  is a networked audio bridge which packs its own DAC (Digital Analogue Converter) and will let you include a range of speakers in your new multi-room system as well as slurping up sounds from your networked devices. [...]

Musical Fidelity M6si integrated amp unboxing

MF M6si unboxing 5 showing shoulder

A rather large box arrived for me yesterday and inside it was Musical Fidelity’s latest integrated top-end amplifier – the M6si. After wrestling with the 21.5KG package I managed to get inside. I am definitely going to take my time to review this amp and allow it to get settled and warmed up so, I [...]

Tidal to stream HiFi quality audio


There’s a new music streaming service in town, it’s called Tidal and it’s packing a secret weapon – Instead of dishing out the usual MP3, AAC or OGG files, Tidal streams lossless FLAC files that offer several times the bitrate of most other music services. Tidal, the new audio streaming service from WiMP HiFi, will [...]

Apple iPod Classic sent the way of the Walkman

apple ipod classic finale

Apple has cunningly used the diversionary tactics of announcing huge iPhones and a swanky wrist-based peripheral in order to kill off one of its classics. Literally. The iPod Classic. That’s right. Apple has quietly taken the iPod Classic around the back of the company’s Cupertino HQ and ‘discontinued’ it. Permanently. It’s almost as though the [...]

Ears on with new high-end Technics C700 and R1 Hi-Fi systems

technics r1 top

Technics is back. I’ve never been so happy to see a brand return and when I walked in to Panasonic’s area at IFA and saw the legend “Rediscover Music – Technics” a big ol’ grin was slapped across my face. You cannot over-emphasise how much impact Technics has had on the music scene. Almost every [...]