CAD lets its CAT out of the bag – audiophile rip and stream


Computer Audio Design, the award-winning central London based computer-audio specialist, has just launched the CAT — a highly advanced new digital source component with CD-ripping, bespoke internal storage and streaming services playback. The new CAT (CAD Audio Transport) is a high-quality source component offering top-notch CD ripping and playback along with “bespoke internal data storage”. [...]

Tesoro Kuven Pro gaming headset UK release and price

Kuven Pro headset

Tesoro has just announced the release of their latest 5.1 stereo gaming headset, the Kuven Pro. As the name suggests, the Kuven Pro is a more advanced version of the previous iterations of the Tesoro Kuven headset and features True 5.1 sound. With a total of 8 drivers (4 in each ear cup) and fully [...]

JBL Clip rugged portable Bluetooth speaker lands in UK

JBL Clip

JBL has got a new speaker aimed at those who want to listen to their music on the go: the JBL Clip. The compact speaker features a built-in carabiner clip (hence its name) so you can attach it to your bag, belt loop or any other attachment point you fancy dangling it from. The Clip [...]

SoundSight live video streaming headphones – the musician’s next social media weapon?


If you want to take video footage from your point of view you can strap a GoPro to your head or, for a quick clip use Google Glass. Now, there’s some headphones that will livestream what you’re seeing and hearing. Could SoundSight be the next social tool for musicians? SoundSight has packed in a 1080p [...]

AKG Y-series headphones to beat Dr Dre’s cans

akg y-series bluetooth headphones

Now, I love the understated quality of both my AKG K830BT and AKG K450 cans but it seems that the Austrian audio house has taken a leaf out of the Beats Big Book of Urban success with their über colourful AKG Y-Series. If you manage to look past the in-your-face styling of the Y50s, and [...]

Akemake Spirulida 3D printed speaker – budget Nautilus

akemake spriulida

If you ever fancied a desktop version of Bowers & Wilkins “perfect speaker“, Nautilus, then Akemake has this week unveiled a new 3D printed speaker called Spirulida that isn’t far off. Best thing is that you can print it yourself and costs less than $10. Akemake’s Spirulida has been produced using a 100% natural wood [...]