Oppo PM-3 headphone review

oppo pm-3 detail

I was totally bowled over by Oppo’s first ‘attempt’ at building premium headphones – the £1,000 planar magnetic PM-1 – but even though they were “reasonably priced” these would still be out of the reach for most would-be buyers. They then offered the slightly more wallet-friendly PM-2 but they’re still £800. What Oppo could really do […]

Meet DAVE the DAC


Chord Electronics brought you Hugo and 2Qute but now they have announced the highly anticipated Chord Electronics DAVE. Following in the extremely impressive footprints of Hugo and HUGO TT Chord has just announced the QBD76HDSD replacement with DAVE. Before you think that Chord has gone completely bonkers or have just picked a name out of […]

KitSound Arcade wired / Bluetooth headphones review

kitsound arcade flat

A decent pair of Bluetooth headphones is a must for London commuting. When I’ve attempted the morning scrum with wired cans I enevitably get caught up with someones backpack, rings, etc. Are the Arcade from KitSound decent though? I know that I, of all people, should never judge a book by its cover but when […]

Damson Vulcan review – the logical Bluetooth speaker choice?

damson vulcan review

If you are after a Bluetooth speaker you are certainly not short of choice. So, for a company to make any impact in this rather cluttered market, they really have to come up with something special. Is the Damson Vulcan such a beast? I suppose the first thing you have to consider before looking for a […]

BassBuds earphones review – all show and no go?

bassbud classic blue

Shoving the sound source in to my ear is not my ideal but this is what I do for you gadgety faithful. I have been sent some rather bling BassBuds to test. Not the gold ones – could you imagine me wearing gold earbuds?. I much prefer on-ear or over-ear headphones for enjoying some personal […]

Which? Best Buy award for KitSound Boom Evolution

kitsound which award

Which? has awarded the KitSound Boom Evolution with its “Best Buy” status and an 89% overall score. The KS Boom Evolution is a Bluetooth connected speaker which will dish out tunes stored on your mobile phones and media players without using cables. With its 6-inch down firing subwoofer and precision 3-inch satellite drivers, the Boom Evolution promises […]