Arcam irDAC review

arcam irdac review

DACs, or Digital Analogue Convertors, are really coming in to their own now with more-and-more audiophiles and music lovers acknowledging that their digital libraries can, and should, sound just as good as their beloved vinyl. Brit Hi-Fi stalwart, Arcam, have kindly loaned me one of their irDAC units to see how it performs. Currently I […]

Noble Audio K10 universal IEM packs 10 drivers in your ear

noble K10 iem

Noble Audio, the world’s leading high-performance in-ear monitor specialist, has launched a universal-fit version of its flagship 10-driver in-ear monitor (IEM). The new K10 follows the success of the range-topping custom-fit model and is now available as a handcrafted IEM in Noble’s signature universal form factor. These stunningly beautiful new in-ear monitors from Noble Audio […]

Arcam Muso speakers review

Arcam Muso

The Arcam Muso speakers have been out for a while but now that they’re in the ‘affordable’ bracket I thought it was worth taking these small bookshelf speakers for a spin. The Arcam Muso are designed to work more as satellite speakers than stand-alone main tune chuckers but, as they are from Arcam, I thought […]

Chord announce more affordable C-line ARAY Hi-Fi interconnects

chord c-line aray

The Chord Company, as its name suggests, originally concentrated on building Hi-Fi interconnects and has maintained its focus on careful material selection and termination with all its cables still being hand terminated at their UK factory. They went on to develop higher performance versions which then extended into digital cables, resulting in ground-breaking Tuned ARAY […]

Arcam miniBlink Bluetooth DAC review

miniblink hifi

Having your Hi-Fi, or PC for that matter, be able to receive audio sent over from a Bluetooth equipped laptop, tablet or smartphone can prove to be a handy addition indeed. This instantly makes your sound system more social as visitors can share their latest favourite with you quickly and easily. Some of you may […]

Bluesound UK launch of audiophile multiroom streamers

Bluesound Node

Last week I was invited to attend a little get together arranged by a new name in home audio who also happens to have significant provenance. The company in question is Bluesound and this was its official UK launch lead by Brand Chief, John Banks. Bluesound, the new high resolution music streaming brand, officially launched […]