Oppo PM-1 planar magnetic audiophile headphones review

oppo pm-1 headphones review

There seems to be much pushing and shoving in the headphone arena. Musical Fidelity and NAD have recently sent earphones and headphones out in to the wild and almost every DJ and fashionista has followed Dr Dre‘s path. Oppo have opted not to seek celeb endorsement, instead they’ve chosen to rely on quality for their [...]

High Fidelity Pure Audio showcase of Elton John’s Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

HFPA Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

You know all of that space on a Blu-ray disc (50GB if it’s dual layer)? What would happen if all of that was taken up with fat wadges of audio data? Well, that’s what High Fidelity Pure Audio is and me and few others were treated to a show and tell held at Metropolis Studios [...]

NudeAudio Move Bluetooth speakers – GadgetyNews at The Gadget Show Live

nude move s move m and Studio 5

NudeAudio is a relatively new name in the Bluetooth speaker game but judging by its looks and styling I can see that it has the likes of Beats in its sights. The classy nutral shades off-set by an accent colour shows that the designer, Peter Riering-Czekalla, has an eye for simple contemporary lines. Previously working [...]

London-based Musaic has Sonos streamer in its sights


When you start talking about multi-room music streamers the name Sonos is probably your first thought. Well, that could soon change thanks to London-based start-up Musaic. Musaic is a wireless home music system that promises audiophile-quality sounds as well as having access to over 20,000 internet radio stations. You’ll be able to get tracks from [...]

PlayStation Wireless Stereo Headset 2.0 review

ps wireless stereo headset review

With the release of a new console, it’s not only the tempting array of next gen games on offer that are exciting – it’s also the accessories that appeal too. This month Sony release their latest headset, which is compatible on all PlayStation platforms. The Wireless Stereo Headset 2.0 is hitting retail this month and [...]

Pre-order Neil Young’s Pono portable audiophile player this weekend

pono neil young

If you cast your mind back to September 2012 you may remember news that Neil Young’s new music player, Pono, was announced. The latest news is that you’ll soon be able to pre-order it. The Pono player will be available to pre-order from March 15th via its Kickstarter page for $400. The big, bright triangular [...]