Thomas Was Alone – Review (Xbox One)

It turns out Thomas Wasn’t Alone after all. Mike Bithell’s moving, minimalistic creation was so well received from its humble beginnings as a flash based browser game all the way to its glorious run on Steam, PS3 and PS Vita that Thomas has become somewhat of a household name. Thomas Was Alone has some real […]

LLamasoft’s TxK on PS Vita review

When reviewing a game like TxK, it can be tempting to blast through 10 levels and figure that you get the gist. It’s a retro style arcade shooter, from that Tempest 2000 dude right? Well it is, but TxK is so much more than that. That’s why I felt like I owed it to not […]

Surge Deluxe PS Vita review

After blowing minds and taking names with Velocity Ultra, FuturLab return to the Vita with your latest addiction in the form of Surge Deluxe. If it sounds familiar, it’s because like Velocity Ultra, Surge was previously a PS Mobile game and has now received the full upgrade treatment. It’s widely acknowledged that FuturLab are ridiculously […]

Tiny Brains PS4 review

Animal experimentation is not a prevalent theme in video games. In reality, it’s perhaps the greyest of grey areas where us human animals would rather not know the details about what we’re inflicting on sentient, non-human animals all in the name of research. Maybe it’s a discussion for another time, but whatever your view on […]

OlliOlli review on PS Vita

Anyone who visits us regularly will know that we’ve been championing OlliOlli for a long time. Our first impressions playing it on a rooftop in Soho were great and our time on it at Eurogamer was even more so. We were privileged to see the game very close to its final build at the Roll […]

Stick it to the Man on PlayStation 3 review

Stick It To The Man is a game full of surprises. It is one of the most bizarre, surreal experiences I’ve ever had in the gaming world. You play as the loveable Ray, a kind hearted guy who unfortunately gets hit on the head in a strange accident. Thankfully he’s OK, he just happens to […]