Sparkly Sennheisers

This is the coming together of 2 pretty well known names – Sennheiser and Swarovski. These glittery cans are the product of UK based company CrystralRoc, they also did the sparkling Fifties mic from Kylie’s Showgirl Homecoming tour (apparently). They’ve added Swarovski to the Sennheiser HD25 headphones and CX300 earphones – fortunately they keep the […]

Bits for the home

Door Mat This nifty doormat is imported from France and features a glowing display and motion sensor. Any time someone comes near, a glowing green space invader moves back and forth across the top of the mat. Potential guests, having left their phasers at home, will usually run shrieking in fear. Crimbo Scrolling The Season’s […]

PS3 winner on Wii News Channel

This is a screenshot of the Nintendo Wii News channel admitting its own four-week “defeat” against the Sony PlayStation 3. They’re either good losers or it was the last thing one of the channel editors did before leaving for his new job at Sony……………..From Gizmodo

Hail Mary, full of data the Lord is USB….

Sorry, but I just had to post this which I found posted on Gizmodo by Sean Fallon – unfortunately, that headline is mine.  Sorry. If you have some really precious data that could use a little protection from above, you are in luck. This Virgin Mary flash drive will store up to 512MB of data and […]

Digg Google?

It appears that Google Labs is testing a new-fangled search page where users can “vote” on all those links that pop up after a keyword query.  You can click “like” or “don’t like” and then this moves the voted rating up and down – Just like Digg. This Google experiment only works on your browser […]

DS Vision

If you’re thinking about buying a DS Lite there’s now another reason to go and purchase one. Dai Nippon Printing has partnered with AM3 to offer a new way to get content / media onto Nintendo’s ever popular handheld. The system, dubbed DSvision, will enable DS / DS Lite owners to purchase various material via the web, including […]