Attorney Investigated by FBI After Building Gaming Beast!

A district attorney in Rockwall County, Dallas, is being investigated by the FBI because the PC he built as a backup server, using office money turned out to be a rodded gaming machine. Ray Sumrow claims he was using the system for business, but the “server” actually seems to be a top-end gaming rig.  How […]

Windows 7 – Out by 2010

Windows 7, once pencilled to be called Vienna, has now been ear-marked for release in 2010.  Billy G & Co told everyone that the successor to Vista wouldn’t hit shelves for three years - it turns out that they meant 3 years after their bug-niggly Vista was released (yup – it was only January 2007). There’s no specific […]

Motorola Concept – Stereo Camera as Standard

This is Motorolas new concept phone that has been deigned by Paris based Lysandre Follet. One of the most interesting features on this mobile is that it’s packing a stereo camera! Connectivity is via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It shares its looks with Motorola’s Q phone but without the QWERTY. The phone has e-mail support and dedicated hard […]

Take Control of Your Media Centre and PS3 – diNovo Mini

Logitech’s groovy looking diNovo Mini Bluetooth thumboard is finally ready to to give you control of your PC based media and even your PS3 – from the comfort of your sofa. It has a 2 colour backlit QWERTY keyboard  and a touchpad and is “the perfect size for your coffee table” – apparently.  It will last about […]

Synth in Your Pocket – Korg DS-10

If you cast your mind back to my acrticle about iBand – 2iPhones and a DS yo! – pocket music makers should be taken seriously. Now mini music makers can kick it with the new Korg-approved DS-10 synthesizer from AQ Interactive. This synth is not a gimmicky toy; it boasts two patchable virtual synths with a pair of oscillators each, […]

Alienware m15x is Cracking Up!

Owners of Alienware’s M15x have started to find that their machine is overheating and/or developing cracks in the frame for no apparent reason. This isn’t the first issue that has plagued the m15x – the edge lighting had a few problems before a software fix.  Not what you’d expect after forking out over £1500!!  For that you could get […]