Final Horizon update – new screens and more

final horizon top

Yesterday, Eiconic Games give our very own Blondlizard an update on intergalactic tower defence game, Final Horizon. I’ll now hand you over to your favourite reptilian gamer for the latest lowdown.  Jay Simon Credland shows the ‘colour script’ from screenshots taken from Final Horizon and explains how the story flows from one planet to another [...]

Pure Chess for PS4 review

pure chess review

When Punk began to recite the rules of Draughts to me upon hearing we were to review Pure Chess, I took it upon myself to handle the oldest board game in history. Having previously been released on PSN in 2012, VooFoo Studios now unleash their Next Gen version of Pure Chess onto Playstation 4 and [...]

King Oddball for PS4 review

king oddball

King OddBall is not particularly odd. We’ve all been gaming many years now to realise that it is very hard to come across something that is truly odd. Saying that, King OddBall wants to wreak havoc on the world using his only weapon of choice, his tongue. It’s a tongue that Gene Simmons from Kiss [...]

EGX Rezzed – Punk and Lizard’s PS4 and PS Vita highlights


EGX Rezzed hit Birmingham’s NEC this weekend showcasing not only the latest Playstation 4 blockbusters, but also the onslaught of imminent PS Vita releases heading our way. EGX Rezzed was the place to be. An incredible wave of UK talent was in abundance this year as FuturLab, Curve Studios, Team17, Eiconic Games and Roll7 all [...]

Futuridium and forma8 played on PS Vita at EGX Rezzed [video]


Mauro Fanelli, co founder of Mixed Bag has given Punk and me the chance to get hands-on with Futuridium EP Deluxe and forma.8 running on the PS Vita. The footage was filmed at EGX Rezzed at the weekend. Both completely different games and both totally captivating. Click here to read our full PS4 and PS [...]

PlayStation Wireless Stereo Headset 2.0 review

ps wireless stereo headset review

With the release of a new console, it’s not only the tempting array of next gen games on offer that are exciting – it’s also the accessories that appeal too. This month Sony release their latest headset, which is compatible on all PlayStation platforms. The Wireless Stereo Headset 2.0 is hitting retail this month and [...]