Gibson Memory Cable shoves a digital recorder in to your guitar lead

gibson memory cable

When noodling around on your guitar I am pretty sure you’ve probably come up with a great progression or harmony line and thought to yourself “I’m digging that, I’ll remember that for sure” only to not play it again, turn up to rehearsal and go blank. Gibson’s Memory Cable wants to help you out. Gibson [...]

PlayStation Now gaming on your 4K TV without a console

Sony XBR 79X900B 4K PlayStation TV

Sony announced PlayStation Now back at CES 2014 and revealed that the game-streaming system would be available to upcoming smart TVs as well as consoles. Yes, that means PlayStation games on your telly – surely that’s too good to be true? Well, Sony has only just gone and done it. In January, Sony unveiled PlayStation [...]

Oppo PM-1 planar magnetic audiophile headphones review

oppo pm-1 headphones review

There seems to be much pushing and shoving in the headphone arena. Musical Fidelity and NAD have recently sent earphones and headphones out in to the wild and almost every DJ and fashionista has followed Dr Dre‘s path. Oppo have opted not to seek celeb endorsement, instead they’ve chosen to rely on quality for their [...]

Samsung bringing new designs for Galaxy Note 4 and Wear smartwatch soon


Samsung has confirmed that the upcoming Galaxy Note 4 will arrive with a ‘new form factor’. Yoon Han-Ki. Samsung’s senior vice president of product strategy made the statement regarding a redesign of Sammy’s super phablet but failed to follow it up with any real give-away tidbits. He did say that: “Our ultimate goal is to [...]

Project Ara Gray Phone release date announced

google gray phone projct ara

Google recently announced the Project Ara MDK (Module Developers Kit), and now they’ve said when we can expect the first Project Ara devices to launch. Paul Eremenko, the head of Project Ara, and has told an audience of around 200 people at Google’s first Project Ara developer conference when they can expect to see the [...]

Lumoid – Radio Rentals for the Ultra HD generation

lumoid logo

There is a certain thrill when you buy a new gadget but, all too soon, your prized bit of tech is either obsolete or, like the toastie makers and Soda Streams of old, banished to a cupboard never to be used again. Lumoid thinks there’s a better way: Stop buying your gadgets. Rent them. The [...]