Apple iTime patent filed – iWatch name change?

apple iwatch itime

Apple is expected to launch their new Apple iWatch later this year but we still really don’t know what it will look like, and there is actually no confirmation that it will be called the Apple iWatch. Now, some new patent filings have been revealed for the Apple smartwatch which have been granted to Apple [...]

Metal and plastic Samsung Galaxy Note 4s could have 3-sided screen

note 4 flex

Samsung’s follow up to the very well received Galaxy Note 3 could give buyers more choice. There are fresh rumours doing the circuit that speak of Samsung preparing a dramatic revamp for the Galaxy Note 4. These whispers claim that there will be two variants of the Galaxy Note 4, one being of a metallic [...]

NVIDIA SHIELD gaming tablet and controller vitals outed by slides


Before the weekend I gave you info on NVIDIA’s Shield Tablet, but now the damn has burst and all the information we will ever need to know about this product, save what it feels like to use, is out in the form of leaked slides. On July 22nd, or when this timer clicks to zero, [...]

NVIDIA Shield Tablet picture leaked

Nvidia shield tablet

I recently reported that the new NVIDIA Shield device looked to be more tablety than the previous portable gamer, now this image has been leaked proving the fact. This is the latest on NVIDIA’s upcoming gaming tablet which has been hinted about and previously dubbed Mocha is said to be packing the powerful Tegra K1 [...]

Android Wear watch gets Star Trek: TNG styling

star trek android wear

I’ve been pretty much 50/50 about smartwatches until I saw this Star Trek: The Next Generation watch face. Now I am all “make it so”. Android Wear smartwatches were always going to be open to customised and modified faces, just as Android devices have different loaders and themes, and this Star Trek: The Next Generation [...]

EVO15-S 3K display thin and light gaming laptop from Origin [video]

Origin EVO15-S

Gamers in the market for a new laptop should probably check out the new Origin EVO15-S gaming laptop as it offers a powerful Haswell chip, a beefy graphics card all squeezed in to an ultra thin casing. The Origin EVO15-S is powered by an Intel Haswell Core i7-4710HQ processor supported by an Nvidia GeForce GTX [...]