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My Essential Blogging Gadgets from 2009?

    As I write this, 2009 is coming to a close. I thought it would be fun to look back at all the great gadgets that we bought, played with, and still love. For this article I focused on the gadgets I used for blogging, but I would love to hear about your favorite […]

JO-ZERO Robot Has a Manga Designed Head and a Bendy Back – Impressive Agility

Little robots are just getting better – every week it seems! From one that can attack its roomies with various weapons to the really cool 1.26M NIT ZMP collaberation. But none of them can really be described as being nimble, agile or elegant can they? Japan-based Himeji Softworks looks like they’re on the right track […]

TeboCam – Free Motion Sensing Web Cam Software

TeboCam is a free webcam program that alerts you should some ne’re do well be trespassing. Ideal to set up in your home or even at your workstation – how many times have you had to replace your pens and stapler last year? I suppose that this software could also be used for other occasions […]

YouTube to Add Gaming Portal

YouTube could be increasing its web monopoly by also becoming an interactive gaming portal as well as somewhere to play 80’s music videos and clips of kittens. The recent Google  patent application for a “Web-based System for Generation of Interactive Games Based on Digital Videos,” was filed earlier this year but has only been published […]

Xbox LIVE Phone Confirmed via Microsoft Job Ad

Way back in May there was quite a stir caused by the rumour of the xYz portable device that was to sit somewhere between the Zune and Xbox platforms. To me and a lot of others in the interweblogosphere thoughts of a Zune or Xbox phone rocking LIVE anywhere sprang to mind. Now, Microsoft has […]

Paradigm Shift Full Colour Touchscreen eReaders for £125 – CES 2010

It looks like the eReader tag is going to get as confusing as the Netbook is. My understanding was that an eReader was an e-Ink sporting tablet-esque gadget whos main purpose was to save me carting magazines, newspapers and a load of paperbacks around with me. Is the gadgety thing still an eReader when it […]