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Happy New Year From Gadgety News!

Well, I’m off to get ready for the partying! It looks like MMIX is shaping up to be a goodly and interesting one. So, whilst I am still sober enough to type I thought I’d take this opportunity to wish you a fantastic and prosperous 2009! If you happen to be going to Vagabonds tonight […]

Glam Rockers and Girlies Get Guitar Hero Heart Axe

Those of you that don’t wanna rock the Les Paul, SG or Schectery shaped guitars when jamming to Guitar Hero now have a more glam choice. How about this pink heart shaped axe? Looking like something inspired by Daisy Rock Guitars it’s fully functional and could you get more glam? The guitar has an ultra-sensitive […]

Asus Upgrades the S101 to Release the S121 Netbook – Still Brown

Asus, bouyed by the apparent success of their brown upmarket wunderkind, the S101, has decided to bring out a successor. The S121 comes with the usual smattering of netbook specs such as the Intel Atom CPU, 1GB RAM and choice of OS…………… But the S121 also throws in WiFi-N connectivity and some upgrades compared to […]

VuNow Pod Set-top Box Has Dedicated YouTube Channel

Say hello to Versimo Networks VuNow Pod set-top box. The VuNow is a hand-sized set-top box that picks out channels across the interweb and sends them straight to your TV without requiring your puter to be hooked up. The channels include one solely for YouTube content, another for CinemaNow, a BitTorrent codec option and a […]

Apple iPad Tablet – New Years Apple Rumour

There has been plenty of chat about a tablet-style device from Apple for a number of years. It has actually got to the point that people were fed up of waiting so they ended up making and selling one and called it the ModBook! But Christmas 2009 could finally see a fully legit Apple tablet:  […]

iPhone Magnetic Changeable Lens Mount

We all know that the iPhone’s camera is not its strongest selling point – although it does rank has the highest used cameraphone on Flickr! There has been a few attempts of, shall we say, enhancing the 3Gesus phone’s snapper and some are better than others – but, to be honest, none are all that […]