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Merry Times!!

Hope that you’ve had a good break. I’m suitably full of food and alcohol and will resume my updating of news once my tour of the Midlands and Yorkshire has been completed. Happy Holidays!* *Legal Disclaimer This statement of good wishes (”Greeting”) from me (”Sender”) is intended to be generic in nature. “Holiday” is intentionally […]

Happy Birthday Canon EOS!

Is it already 20 years?! Canon shipped the first film-based EOS 650 AF SLR in 1987, and although the industry has undergone some huge changes since then, the EOS line remains as strong as ever. Canon announced today that it has now shipped over 30 million EOS cameras, and over 10 million digital EOS units […]

Q1 Ultra HSDPA – Online with Samsung Broadband

Samsung have just released the latest version of their UMPC.  The Samsung Q1 Ultra HSDPA – Unlike the original Q1 and Q1 Ultra, this new model lets you jump on the interweb anywhere that there is a mobile phone signal. Samsung calls it ‘Samsung Broadband Access’, but the service is actually provided courtesy of an HSDPA-enabled SIM card which […]

3 Mobile – T Mobile and 3 link up

If, like my bro, you are on 3 or the T Mobile network then 3G is going to be even better for you lucky lot! They have both signed an agreement allowing users to access either network for 3G connectivity. By 2010, HSDPA will also be rolled out nationwide. According to 3 and T-Mobile, this […]

Tall Order Speakers

Do you long for the day when you have to look up to be eye to tweeter?  Dream of having to stand on a chair to clean the top  of your living room speakers? Then the Anthony Gallo Acoustics‘ Nucleus Reference 5LS are for you.  The stats start quite normal at 7-inches wide, 11-inches deep but then things get […]

1st Snap of Google Android in the Open!

Gizmodo have got a bit of an exclusive it seems. This is apparently the first shot of a prototype Google Android out “in the wild” and if it is it could be quite a scoop. It seems to be pretty close to the “spy shots” that have graced many a website and blog over the […]