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Lumoid – Radio Rentals for the Ultra HD generation

There is a certain thrill when you buy a new gadget but, all too soon, your prized bit of tech is either obsolete or, like the toastie makers and Soda Streams of old, banished to a cupboard never to be used again. Lumoid thinks there’s a better way: Stop buying your gadgets. Rent them. The [...]

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Pure Chess for PS4 review

When Punk began to recite the rules of Draughts to me upon hearing we were to review Pure Chess, I took it upon myself to handle the oldest board game in history. Having previously been released on PSN in 2012, VooFoo Studios now unleash their Next Gen version of Pure Chess onto Playstation 4 and [...]

HFPA Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

High Fidelity Pure Audio showcase of Elton John’s Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

You know all of that space on a Blu-ray disc (50GB if it’s dual layer)? What would happen if all of that was taken up with fat wadges of audio data? Well, that’s what High Fidelity Pure Audio is and me and few others were treated to a show and tell held at Metropolis Studios [...]


Linksys EA6900 dual band Smart Wi-Fi AC1900 router review

Routers. Not generally the sexiest tech out there are they? Let’s face it, most of us won’t get all giddy when faced with a new router but speedy internet connections are a lot of fun. One way to acheive better speeds is to change your router to something faster than the default one that comes [...]

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Samsung Galaxy S5 in UK stores today

The Samsung Galaxy S5 launches globally today, and Samsung has now started selling the handset from their online shop as well as retail stores in the UK. The Galaxy S5 is available from Samsung right now and the handset comes in a range of colours, although Samsung only appears to be offering the black and [...]

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NudeAudio Move Bluetooth speakers – GadgetyNews at The Gadget Show Live

NudeAudio is a relatively new name in the Bluetooth speaker game but judging by its looks and styling I can see that it has the likes of Beats in its sights. The classy nutral shades off-set by an accent colour shows that the designer, Peter Riering-Czekalla, has an eye for simple contemporary lines. Previously working [...]


Printrbot Simple – GadgetyNews at The Gadget Show Live

If you’re looking around for 3D printers that are not way expensive and open source friendly then you should check out the Printrbot Simple Kit. Whilst at The Gadget Show Live I found this Printrbot Simple kit selling for just £300. Yes, it’s a kit and will need you to assemble the laser cut wooden [...]


Heartbleed – which sites do you need to update your password for?

You have no doubt by now heard about the encryption flaw called Heartbleed. It has already been called one of the biggest security threats the Internet has ever seen and has affected many popular websites and services — ones you might use every day. Here’s a quick list of the most popular ones that may [...]