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Fly anywhere you want within 4 hours from 2019

It’s going to be a while yet before we can be beamed somewhere so the next best thing would be a super-fast craft which could get you, and another 299 passengers to anywhere in the world within 4 hours. Science fiction? Nope, apparently it’s science face and could be with us in 4 years. This […]

panasonic ax802 review foot

Panasonic AX802 4K TV review

I have spent the last two weeks living with the Panasonic AX802 ultra HD (4K) television. Yes, this 50-inch gogglebox is large, especially when placed within the environment of my tiny London flat, but is it any good? This has been the first year in which Panasonic has not had a plasma TV in their […]

sony qrio smart lock

Sony smart lock Qrio up for crowdfunding

It looks like Sony are at it again with the crowdfunding, the latest campaign being to fund the smallest smart lock. Sony is following up on the success of its FES smartwatch crowdfunding campaign. The FES smartwatch was entered on to the site without any mention of Sony. The clever watch not only uses e-ink for […]

uk blog awards

GadgetyNews in UK Blog Award final 10 #UKBA15

Good morning you gorgeous Gadgety faithful. On this crisp winter’s morn I have had to deal with the usual ignorance, self-importance and selfishness on the commute in to the office. As per usual I tried to take it all in my stride, attempting to swap my inner rage against impoliteness for some Christmassy spirit. I […]

android wear newfaces

New faces thanks to Android Wear update

You may have already fitted your Android Wear powered smartwatch with a custom face like the Gadgety Roy has done with his Kronus Gigante design, but now there’s more right out of the box. If you’re not so into tinkering as others, then the options for face designs on your Android wearable have been kinda […]

Phones 4u closed

Phones 4U stock being auctioned off – Beats headphones, smartwatches, cables

When Phones 4U closed it took most of us by surprise and, as someone who was made redundant when the independent music retailer I was working for went bankrupt, can empathise with the hundreds of people who lost their jobs. The premesies may have been snapped up already but there’s plenty of stock up fro […]

lg g watch r review

LG G Watch R2 to pack 4G

Where I agree with Roy’s review of the LG G Watch R, it could be better. But so could all smartwatches really. LG apparently have plans of kitting their next one out with 4G smarts. Wearables such as the Samsung Gear S are already packing 3G, but the latest rumours suggest that we could be […]

thomas was alone review

Thomas Was Alone – Review (Xbox One)

It turns out Thomas Wasn’t Alone after all. Mike Bithell’s moving, minimalistic creation was so well received from its humble beginnings as a flash based browser game all the way to its glorious run on Steam, PS3 and PS Vita that Thomas has become somewhat of a household name. Thomas Was Alone has some real […]