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cheetah jump

MIT’s Cheetah robot now leaps over walls

You may be already familiar with Big Dog and Little Dog and, even though they do look intimidating, I always felt safe in the knowledge that, should I ever be chased by one, I could just leap a small wall and thwart their plans. MIT have now developed their super-speedy Cheetah robot to include a […]

neato botvac D series

Neato announces D-Series Botvacs – home and pet owners rejoyce!

The Neato Botvac D Series has just been announced and is the latest addition to the popular Neato line of robot vacuums designed to take the strain out of cleaning up your home. The D Series is built upon Neato’s breakthrough laser navigation system and powerful suction. These new robot vacuum cleaners feature a new […]

corsair bulldog email

Corsair Bulldog – just what is it? [video]

This morning I got a rather cryptic email from Corsair informing me that Bulldog is coming. But, what is Bulldog? In just over two days Corsair will officially launch Bulldog – the thing is, I have absolutely no clue what the Corsair Bulldog is. This has naturally sent the PC gamer forums in to speculation […]

oppo ha-2 logo top

Oppo HA-2 portable DAC / headphone amp review

Oppo was kind enough to send over the HA-2 portable DAC headphone amp along with the quite lovely PM-3 headphones. Is there any need for an amp to be plugged in to your phone or laptop? Does the HA-2 make any difference? Let’s have a listen. Let me get one thing out of the way. […]

jays blue striker RAM

RAM price drop means bargain PC memory upgrades

Owing to a decline in demand for PCs and tablets the cost of RAM has followed suit so, if you’re considering an upgrade, now may well be a good time. According to reports, DRAM prices are the lowest in about 26 months. Over the second quarter of 2015 the price of DRAM has dropped by […]

iron man galaxy s6 edge

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge gets Stark makeover

The Galaxy S6 Edge is already a darned good looking bit of kit but Samsung have announced a limited edition Iron Man version – complete with arc reactor charging station. Samsung’s Iron Man-branded Galaxy S6 Edge comes complete with a custom paint job, 64GB of on-board storage and a limited edition wireless charger accessory with […]

tech funeral

The UK keeps it gadgety even when dead

It is time to update those “Which songs would you have played at your funeral?” lists and add some tech because, according to the latest research, 1 in 3 UK funerals now includes a gadgety aspect. Personally I’d like to put the ‘fun’ in to my funeral – perhaps a bouncy castle graveyard, or some ‘you’re dead […]

hoverboard record

An actual Hoverboard breaks World Record

This is the dream of anyone who has watched Marty McFly cruise on his Mattel Hoverboard, and the reality of hoverboard ownership is on its way. The latest chapter of the hoverboard being a real thing is down to one Canadian called Catalina Alexandru Duru. Duru has got in to the official Guinness Book of […]