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BB-8 is the Sphero droid you can buy tomorrow

The first ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ teaser included an astromech droid that looked like a rolling orange soccer ball with the head of R2-D2 on top of it. BB-8 could possibly knock the beloved Artoo off the cutest droid top spot and, as of Friday September 4th, you could have your own BB-8 BB-8 […]

Lian Li PC-V33 cube case has a flip-top canopy

Cube PC cases are the thing right now and Lian Li’s new midtower case, the PC-V33, looks like it will tick all the boxes. The PC-V33 is packing a handy flip-open canopy, a shock-absorbing drive cage, support for full ATX motherboards, and enough space to house a 240mm water-cooling radiator. Lian Li’s design has the […]

Panasonic reveals 65-inch OLED curved Viera UHD TV

It was on the cards and I more-or-less got the nod at my last visit to Panasonic’s UK HQ but today has seen confirmation that a Viera OLED television is real as Panasonic unveiled the curved Viera TX-65CZ950V TV at its press conference at IFA 2015. Since killing off its plasma division Panasonic has been […]

Dali releases diminutive Zensor Pico speaker range

Danish speaker maker, Dali, has managed to shrink its Zensor range whilst keeping all things that have made many people happy. As more and more of us are having to live in increasingly compact homes these days having monster floor-standing speakers is usually at the sacrifice of something else – a sofa perhaps – so […]

Hands-on with Honor’s wearable with no name or buttons

As everyone was still trying to take in all the things they’ve just seen and heard about the Honor 7 smartphone during its European launch show, Huawei also revealed that it will be introducing the first Honor-branded wearable smart band at the end of the year. With a preamble about how pure and beautiful Finland […]

Hands-on with the Honor 7 at UK launch

Yesterday saw Huawei’s Honor brand officially launch its latest handset, the Honor 7, in the UK. I was there to witness the spectacle and get up close and personal with the new smartphone. The phone, which replaces the Honor 6, is loaded with a faster processor and bigger screen. Its premium-feel aluminium construction is also […]

Court officially recognises gadget allergy as disability

Imagine, not being able to use a smartphone, tablet, PC or even bare to be around tech in general. I know, scary isn’t it. For some people this is a reality but is rarely treated as a serious thing. A breakthrough has happened though as a French woman has won a disability grant after telling […]

Devolo dLAN 1200+ WiFi ac powerline review

Powerline adapters. I wasn’t convinced at first and would thread CAT 5e cable through each flat I rented. Then I ended up renting a house and had to rethink things. Renting a place means no drilling holes in floors and ceilings. For the last 8 months I’ve been relying on some of these adapters and […]