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VAIO Z Canvas hybrid laptop tablet lands with Apple designer pricetag

Yes Gadgety faithful, the former PC division of Sony is kicking off business all by itself and it is definitely not going bargain basement. The VAIO Z Canvas appears to be going straight against and toe-to-toe with Apple and Microsoft for the prize of designer head honcho. The 12.3-inch Z Canvas is aimed squarely at […]

Aston Marton DB10 video behind the scenes

As sure as vodka goes with Martini, and Bond with OO7, Walther PPK is matched with Aston Martin. Let’s face it, James Bond would seem odd not having an Aston Martin to hand at some point in a film and the new movie, Spectre, is rocking the new DB10. The Aston Martin DB10 has been […]

Is iOS 9 really that popular and is it crashing your iPhone 6s?

We all know that Apple always appears to be the popular kid in class. Recent reports from Apple shows that iOS 9 saw the fastest adoption rate ever for a new release of its iOS smartphone operating system. That makes sense on first reading considering users had plenty of motivation to grab the update quickly – […]

Anki Overdrive Starter Kit unboxing [video]

Ever since I covered the announcement that Anki were releasing Overdrive I have been counting down the days til it was available. The time is almost upon us and the lovely people over at Anki have sent me a preview kit and some extras to review! I cannot wait to review Anki Overdrive and I […]

Noble Audio to launch the new K10U aluminium IEM

Noble Audio is launching a stunning new aluminium-chassis 10-driver IEM: the Kaiser 10U aluminium. The Kaiser 10U aluminium is all set to debut at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2015 (October 2nd – 4th) in Denver, Colorado. The new K10U aluminium is a universal-fit IEM which uses Noble’s acclaimed 10-driver flagship configuration, as used in […]

HTC #BeBrilliant Marshmallow event announced

Catching up on my emails after a few days off it appears that HTC has announced a new event which could point to the official outing of the company’s HTC One A9. HTC is hosting an event that’s set to take place at 17:00 on October 20th. The announcement simply says #BeBrilliant and includes a […]

Rollei brings a new selfie weapon – the ePano Selfie

Rollei have announced another cool accessory that enables you to capture a 360 degree selfie – the ePano Selfie. The ePano Selfie is a panoramic head that can be attached to the Rollei Selfie Stick, or placed on a table using the fold out legs and will then automagically capture stunning 360 degree panoramic shots. […]

Intempo Tailgate portable party speaker review

As Autumn starts to bring a little chill to the air as well as the glorious colours, it might seem an odd time for me to be chatting about a speaker that’s ideal for gatherings around a BBQ, but the Intempo Tailgate is not just a Bluetooth-enabled sound-slinger. Read on to learn more good gadgety […]