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FLIR One case gives your iPhone infra red night vision

Yeah – your iPhone 5 or 5S can do many things, but can it help you see in the dark? Well, with the FLIR One case yes, yes it can. Instead of having to strap on some special goggles, you can now enjoy all the sneaky cool things that thermal imaging can give you via [...]

apple 15in macbook pro retina

All Apple MacBook Pro Retina Display models get spec refresh

You may not have noticed but Apple has just updated its Retina display-equipped MacBook Pro laptops. Following on from the MacBook Air and iMac news the other day, the 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pros have all had some kind of upgrade, with the base 13-inch model (£999) now packing a 2.6GHz Intel Core i5 processor, [...]

tesoro lobera supreme

Impressive Tesoro Lobera Supreme mechanical RGB keyboard lands in UK

Gamers like their top notch kit – I’m just getting back in to it after almost a decade away and things have moved on. I’m not just talking about graphics cards, CPUs, RAM, cooling and audio – there has been leaps made in keyboard controllers too. I am pleased to announce that the Tesoro Lobera [...]

iphone 5s leather aluminum case blue

Proporta aluminium lined leather case for iPhone 5S review

If you’re looking for something to wrap around your iPhone 5S it’s got to be good and what’s better than a case with added aluminium? The Proporta iPhone 5/5S aluminium lined leather case looks great, feels great and will protect your iPhone 5S in a very classy way. Every part of this case quietly whispers [...]

split microsoft controller

Microsoft looking to split controller design for mobile gaming

Ever since our portables gained touchscreens and ditched physical buttons gamers have done nothing but complain – and rightly so, I think. It appears, however, Microsoft can hear our cries. Patently Apple, of all people, has dug up some diagrams filed by Microsoft with the US patent office that show plans an Xbox-style controller that [...]

blackhole main

Blackhole – perfect for PS4 and Vita

Blackhole is a platformer currently under development for PC/MAC/Linux. When I asked FiolaSoft Studio if they’re going to release Blackhole on PS4/PS Vita in the future, they replied by telling me that they have plans to bring the game to the Sony gamers, but they are focusing on the PC/MAC/Linux releases first. About the game: [...]

Fire Phone 3d

Amazon Fire smartphone gets the treatment – value for money?

The team at have cracked open Amazon’s Fire smartphone and not only reveals all the techno gubbins within, but how much the device actually costs to build. Is the Amazon Fire phone worth the money? Read on Gadgety faithful. Read on. Amazon’s Fire Phone enters the mobile market from AT&T (a similar strategy applied [...]

karma incarnation top

Campaign for Karma. Incarnation 1 could turn PS4 gamers heads

Russian developer Auralab has a Indiegogo campaign for their up coming game Karma. Incarnation 1 with a Playstation 4 stretch goal. Karma. Incarnation 1 is a classical 2D point-n-click psychedelic adventure, permeated with original humor and some mind blowing puzzles. The game was devised in 2012 when Art Director Alexander Kuvshinov created a cartoon about [...]