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Chord Hugo vs Tank

Chord DAC is tank proof!

When you’re shopping for a DAC you probably have a shopping list of features in mind. I dare to bet that, on no occasion, have you added being impervious to tanks to that list. Portable DAC/headphone amps have to put up with a little bit of the rough stuff when compared to their lounge-loving stablemates. […]

Veho ZS-2 360 review

Veho ZS-2 sports earphones review

The Veho ZS-2 earphones are small, lightweight and designed for those with an active lifestyle. That’s all well and good, but how do they sound? There seems to an ever-growing number of gadgets aimed at those with gym-memberships – special shoes and an impressive array of sports under and overwear designed to get the best […]

Trinity DELTA top

UK Trinity smashes Kickstarter in-ear monitors campaign

Trinity is a new in-ear monitor company, everything is designed and engineered in the UK, and they seem to be doing all the right things as they managed to totally smash their Kickstarter campaign in just over a week! Trinity, the newest brand to affordable audiophile in-ear monitors (IEM), set a Kickstarter target of £40,000 […]

LG G4 Leather range

LG G4 leather or diamond back smartphone

Fancy an LG G4 covered in cow? Well, according to a ‘slip’ the LG Android flagship was exposed for all to see. Thankfully Evan Blass, better known as @evleaks, shared the LG G4 news on Twitter. Pictures of the LG G4 were snatched by Android Explained and they seem to match the one currently being […]

xbox one uk

Grab an Xbox One for under £300

If you have been umming and ah-ing over whether or not to get an Xbox One, now is the best time to get on it as Microsoft has dropped the price of their Xbox One console here in the UK once again. If you’re running the Sony console or have been enjoying games on your […]

SuperFly Magic Gold USB

SuperFly USB cable review

As far as accessories go, USB cables are never high on the want list. You need these but they’re never much to look at. SuperFly is upping the game though. Beyond having a choice, mainly black or white, your USB cable tends to be the last thing you think of smartening up. They get shoved in […]

kitsound arcade white

KitSound Arcade Bluetooth headphones

If you’re looking for some headphones that won’t break the bank and work without wires then the new Arcade headphones from KitSound might be just the job. According to the press release, the Arcade cans fuse retro design with modern, high quality wireless audio. KitSound promises that the Arcade headphones will deliver rich sound with […]

Acoustic Research UA1 DAC review front

Acoustic Research UA1 portable DAC/headphone amp review

After my brief introduction to the Acoustic Research UA1 DAC/headphone amp at The Bristol Show I just knew that I had to find a way to live with one for at least a few days. My wish was duly granted so that I could share my views about the new device. Has Acoustic Research managed […]