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laser watch

Real James Bond inspired laser watch in action – video

The future is getting closer. We have a real hoverboard, flying cars, smartwatches and other wearable tech, and now a watch that fires lasers! That’s right gadgety faithful, your can finally burn things from a wrist-mounted laser. The watch was built by hobbyist Patrick Priebe for personal use and calls it the “Bond inspired LaserWatch”, […]

dragonfly futurefon back

Dragonfly Futurefon – the dual screened tablet, phone and laptop all-in-one

Idealfuture, or IF, has taken the all-in-one idea a step further by creating a smartphone, laptop and tablet hybrid called the Dragonfly Futurefön. The Dragonfly Futurefön is equipped dual 7-inch screens and packs a folding QWERTY keyboard. The Dragonfly Futurefön is able to adapt to what you need at any given time as the hardware […]

noble K10 iem

Noble Audio K10 universal IEM packs 10 drivers in your ear

Noble Audio, the world’s leading high-performance in-ear monitor specialist, has launched a universal-fit version of its flagship 10-driver in-ear monitor (IEM). The new K10 follows the success of the range-topping custom-fit model and is now available as a handcrafted IEM in Noble’s signature universal form factor. These stunningly beautiful new in-ear monitors from Noble Audio […]


Panasonic 4K AX802 TVs get Netflix Ultra-High Definition streaming

If you are lucky enough to already own a Panasonic AX802 TV or were waiting until they were hooked up to the Ultra High Definition shows of Netflix 4K – well, thanks to a firmware update, it’s all go. The free firmware update will allow users to stream programmes such as House of Cards and Breaking […]

nokia n1 colours

Nokia N1 tablet – more than an Android iPad mini clone

Looking for an Android slate but would love it to have the same lines as Apple’s iPad mini tablet? Well, Nokia has returned to the devices business with the Nokia N1, which looks pretty much like what you’re after. Nokia has bounced back in to the game less than seven months after selling its devices […]

maglev shinkansen

Japanese Maglev train breaking 500km/h with passengers on board – video

Whilst we Brits are getting all hot under the collar because of HS2, or High Speed 2, Japan has just sent a new magnetic levitation (maglev) train along at speeds of over 500km/h. The Central Japan Railway Company is currently running eight days of testing for the Maglev Shinkansen train on a test track in […]

US Navy LaWS

US Navy is equipped with laser cannon in Persian Gulf

The US Navy has taken its prototype laser weapon out to the Persian Gulf. This thing can easily tear through drones. The seven year project which has cost $40 million to develop has been sent with the US Navy who are out on patrol throughout the disputed Persian Gulf. The Laser Weapon System (LaWS) prototype […]

Knightscope K5 cops

Knightscope K5 security Dalek going in to service

Real flesh and blood security guards might become a thing of the past as the Knightscope K5 security droid is getting ready to be deployed. Knightscope have been developing their K5 robot security guard over the last twelve months and they plan to launch four of these new robot security guards before the end of […]